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Wednesday 14th August 2019

Saturday 28th August 2021

Femmetamorphosis is Back!!


We will be performing on Saturday 28th August, as part of the Kensington & Chelsea Festival for one special show!!

We present FEMMETAMORPHOSIS at the Chelsea Theatre, SW10 0DR.


This joyful light hearted comedy show will offer something for everybody.


Ruth is throwing a lingerie party at her modest home which she shares with her childhood sweetheart and husband Wesley. Among her guests, which include her best friend Yazzmen, a self-proclaimed Cougar. Cycelea is a devout Christian, Edith who is struggling to get over a recent break up with her boyfriend and Destini, the exotic neighbour from next door who is rumoured to be married to a footballer.

And finally, Krystal the HotLove lingerie host presents the group with a range of naughty suspenders and mankinis as talk turns from lingerie to heartbreak. Taking inspiration from comedies such as The Real McCoy, French and Saunders and Desmond's this is an original comedy about women coming together in the name of rum punch, lingerie, and love. 

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8th, 9th & 10th August 2018

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We did the London 5 km fun run fundraiser.
Help get us to the Edinburgh Festival 70th year 2017

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